Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Cookies

As you know the Super Bowl was yesterday and in light of the festivities I decided to make some fun cut out cookies to accompany the game and commercial watching.

I got the idea for these cute cookies from Lizy B Bakes; check them out here!  She makes lots and lots of beautiful treats, and her cookies are practically mini works of art!  I used her recipes for the sugar cookies and royal icing.  The cookies make about two dozen good sized cookies, and the frosting recipe would probably be enough to ice two batches.  

I was a little nervous to decorate the cookies, as this was my first time ever using royal icing, but it wasn't so bad.  They turned out pretty well for a first-timer!  It's all in getting the proper icing consistency.  I found in this royal icing recipe that I needed to add more powered sugar to get it thick enough for piping, and it needed some water to be thin enough to spread for flooding.

What really helped with the decorating was a great tutorial at With Sprinkles on Top, which is another awesome baking site with tons of inspiring ideas!  Here they show step by step how they decorated their own version of these exact cookies.  Awesome!